✏️ Updating invoice information 

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Are you looking to update or add new information on your Lucid Software invoice? We are here to help!


🏢 Adding a company name to the invoice


The info in this section can be found in the Access Invoices: Add company name article in our Lucid Help Center. 

To modify your billing information to add your company name to future invoices, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Plans & Billing page.
  2. Click the three-dot menu OrDo81of6-M28xb2gat9f--ti3p1rCaPdPEDo_reJHKiGegIHOL5PuLoIRtFcYrCD5xrnVNxBovxEygymsIsLcvDOkidjo8BFdL0857NQ6q2nfuvsIDS_xh4nb6GfjoPUXxbXftPE2nUxqF2tIDPIWk next to “Billing history”.
  3. Select Edit invoice details.
  4. Under "Invoice Settings", check the box next to "Include company name...".
  5. Enter the company name in the corresponding text field. 
  6. Click Save changes.

Please Note: Any changes made will be applied to future invoices. If you need to edit your most recently posted invoice, please contact Lucid Billing Support.


💳 Updating payment method, invoice address, and other billing information


The info in this section can be found in the Update Billing Information article in our Lucid Help Center. 

To update your credit card or address information, follow these steps:

  1. Next to “Payment method”, select the three-dot menu.OrDo81of6-M28xb2gat9f--ti3p1rCaPdPEDo_reJHKiGegIHOL5PuLoIRtFcYrCD5xrnVNxBovxEygymsIsLcvDOkidjo8BFdL0857NQ6q2nfuvsIDS_xh4nb6GfjoPUXxbXftPE2nUxqF2tIDPIWk
  2. Click Edit payment method. 
  3. Enter your new billing information.
    • From here, you can update your name, address, and payment method. For details on taxation, which is based on your billing address, refer to our Taxation Help Center article.
  4. Click Save changes.


If you have updated your billing address and it is still appearing incorrectly on your invoice, please contact Lucid billing support using this form or by emailing support@lucid.co


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