Cancel your free trial or paid subscription

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So you’re looking to cancel your trial or paid subscription? 

(Para obtener instrucciones en Español, consulte esta respuesta a la publicación de la Comunidad.)

We are sorry to see you go and we hope your Lucid Software experience was a positive one. We hope you will be able to return in the future! 👋

If you have a Lucid Suite subscription, please have the Account Owner of your subscription contact your Lucid Account Manager or for assistance with your cancellation request.

Otherwise, to cancel a trial or subscription, please follow these steps:

  • From  your Account Settings, navigate to the Plans & Billing page
  • Under "Your plans" click the three-dot menuOrDo81of6-M28xb2gat9f--ti3p1rCaPdPEDo_reJHKiGegIHOL5PuLoIRtFcYrCD5xrnVNxBovxEygymsIsLcvDOkidjo8BFdL0857NQ6q2nfuvsIDS_xh4nb6GfjoPUXxbXftPE2nUxqF2tIDPIWk to the right of the Lucid product you would like to cancel.
    • ⚠️ (Note–If you have a subscription or trial for more than one Lucid product, you have to cancel each product separately.)
  • From the three-dot menu to the right of the product name, select "Cancel this plan"
  • Follow the prompts to cancel

⚠️ Please note that cancellations take effect at the end of your billing cycle.



This information can also be found in our handy Lucid Help Center article dedicated to assisting our customers with this process: Cancel your plan.

If you do not have access to the Plans & Billing section of the Account Settings (if it’s missing from the menu on the left), it probably means your email address has not been granted the permissions required to request subscription changes for a Team or Enterprise account. Cancellation requests must come from either an Account Owner or a Billing Admin on the account.

If you need to cancel a subscription and you are not the Account Owner or Billing Admin, please contact our support team using this form or by emailing For security purposes, please be prepared to validate the billing information on the account you wish to cancel. If you simply need to remove a team member from your account, but you would like to keep the subscription active, see this Help Center article.

❓What happens to my account and documents after I cancel?

After cancelling a trial, you will automatically be downgraded to a limited free plan. After cancelling a paid subscription, your subscription will not renew and your plan will automatically downgrade to a limited free plan at the end of your paid subscription period. Your documents will remain in your account and you will still be able to view them. However, you will only have the features available to free plans and will not be able to edit your documents with full functionality. You can subscribe again at any time from Lucid's pricing page or the Plans & Billing section of your Account Settings to continue editing all of your documents. 

🚮 How do I fully delete my account and documents?

If you would like to permanently delete your account’s personal information and documents from our system, you can do so after you cancel your subscription(s). Please see the How to Remove Your Personal Data from Lucid article for information about what happens when you close your account.

We hope this post was helpful to you! Please let us know if you still have any other questions or concerns about cancelling your subscription or trial.


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