Microsoft Tenant Migration with Lucid Chart

  • 12 June 2024
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My organization is migrating to a new Microsoft Tenant. We have current integrations with Lucid Chart in our current Microsoft Tenant. Need assistance with defining and providing some guidance to understand the process for ensuring that our integration will function when we move from our current tenant to the new one? What actual steps must have before and during the migration?


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Hi @npalter

Thanks for your post! Could you specify the Microsoft integrations you’re referring to (e.g., Microsoft add-ins, SAML, Azure Dev Ops)? Thanks! 

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Thank you for your reply! I believe we use SAML.


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Hi @npalter

Thanks for the response. Lucid allows you to run two sets of metadata in the Admin Panel, so you can upload the metadata from the new tenant while keeping the current one. Users will then be presented with an option to select which SAML provider they’d like to authenticate with when attempting to sign in to Lucid. 

From there, you can use our "test SAML connection" functionality to gather any errors and the SAML response. You can do this by going to your Admin Panel > App Integration > SAML. Under your metadata, you will find the "test SAML connection" button. If you get any errors, please feel free to send them in this thread and we can help diagnose the problem.