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  • 10 June 2024
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As of 07th June, the Team Space link is missing. I can access the documents by searching the documents however the visual way of folder structure and entire team space is missing. I do not see any option to access the same.


Appreciate some help here.


Best answer by Peter Smith 13 June 2024, 00:17

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Glad to hear it worked out! We appreciate your feedback 😁

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Thanks, I went through the team and found a member who still had access to those space. He had to add me to see the space again. Thanks for your help

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Hi @nitinshekhar. What has happened here is it appears you did not have the top tier permission level on the team space to stay a team member once the new experience was released. An easy fix for this is to reach out to someone who is still on those teams and have them add you as a team member. Sorry for any confusion this has caused!


Thank you for checking, @nitinshekhar ! I’ve passed your info along to the team that’s managing the migration and they’re currently investigating. 

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@Nick Ridge , The All teams page do not show my team space. It only list the new team i created. 


@nitinshekhar If you click the icon with the 3 people, that should take you to the My teams page. Is your Team Space listed there?


The left bar shows only your pinned teams, and your migrated Team Space was not automatically pinned, but the new team you created was pinned.

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Hello @Leo Barnes . Thanks for your reply. There is a bar on the left but do not show up my existing Team Space. I created a new team and that shows up but my existing team space is missing.

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Hello @nitinshekhar - since the update, you should see a bar on the left hand side to access the Team Hub and space. Do you not have that view?