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  • 1 March 2024
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On the lucid website they write that you can import Mindmaps from different formats. But I really don’t find out the way to import by my own. Can anyone help me how to import a CSV from another Mindmap tool for example?


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As it looks like I have to switch from Lucidspark to Lucidchart and I need an Enterprise-Plan for importing CSVs. That makes this product very uninteresting to me.


It would have been a benefit to import all my existing mindmaps from another collaboration-software and completely switch to Lucid.

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Hi @dakapo, thanks for posting in the community! I’d be happy to help you and give a bit more information: 

If what I’ve provided above isn’t the type of features you’re looking for, please let us know in our product feedback section of the community. We’re always looking to improve our features and your experience, and if you’re willing to tell us more about your use case by sharing “an idea” with us over in product feedback, we can pass along your feedback to our developers. 

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us!

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@dakapo ,


We have updated our core mind map functionality to be a better experience on the canvas, but it does not support import today. In order to access the import functionality, you can go to, select to create a new document from a template, and choose a mind map template. You can also start from here:


You will see the mind map shapes, and the option to import, loaded into the left hand panel on your screen.





Is there any format for importing from CSV to a Mind Map. 

I have all the data in a CSV file, if needed I can modify the columns as per the Lucid Format and upload the file to prepare the mind map. 

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Hi @pmkaushik, I recommend taking a look at this community post, in which one of our product managers explains options here: