How do I save local files from Lucidchart

  • 3 April 2024
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Hi. We are using Lucid Charts in our software development planning process. We need to be able to save local copies of the files and then edit them. 


We have tried using the export/import feature, but the diagrams do not come back the same as they were exported.


How can we save off the local files without going through the tedious process of backing up files and restore them all the time. 


This is a compliance item for us where we have to have custody of our files if a vendor or third party is unavailable.





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You are trying to export this as VISIO File, right?

Please take a look into this help article - How To Export Lucidchart To Visio (


Hope this helps - Happy to help further!!
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Thanks. I have already tried that. When I export to Visio, and import the same file back it is not the same. I am assuming it is from the formatting. I am hoping there is a way to export and import without any loss, or just save a local copy.




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Thanks @wayneMIDFLORIDA for the feedback, let me also explore some other effective other alternative.

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Hi @wayneMIDFLORIDA, thanks for posting in the community! And thank you @Humas1985 for sharing that support article. Because you’re encountering issues with specific files, I’ve transferred your post to a support ticket. Please refer to the email associated with your Lucid account for further correspondence and our support team will be reaching out to you shortly!