Welcome to the Lucid for IT Group!

  • 20 November 2023
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Hello and welcome to the Lucid for IT group! We're thrilled to have you as part of this hub of innovation and collaboration for IT Professionals of all kinds—data analysts, web developers, system and network admins, and many other roles.

Join us in knowledge-sharing, engaging discussions, and creative brainstorming, all centered around our Lucid products and how IT professionals utilize them in our daily endeavors!

You can find some inspiration for future posts or topics by reading through these user cases: 

Your insights will be a valuable addition to build this vibrant group within the Lucid Community!

📣 Let's get started by getting to know each other better: Please introduce yourself below: Share your role and shed some light on how you leverage Lucid in your day-to-day work. 


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Hey all- I’m Elena! I spend most of my time in system administration and network engineering - optimizing our organization's digital infrastructure.

As a System Admin, I ensure smooth operations of our systems and servers, implementing robust backups and security measures. Simultaneously, my expertise in Network Engineering helps me design and manage secure networks - fine-tuning components for top-notch performance.

The real goal is a seamless, secure, and high-performing digital backbone for our organization's success. Lucid definitely makes this possible for me 😃

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Hello, I am Lukas and I’m an IT systems specialist. Our team uses Lucid across a lot of processes, e.g. sprint planning, mapping our system architecture or for meeting notes. I’m very excited to learn about other use cases in this group 😊