Webinar Q&A: Features and Functionality

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Hello IT Group! 😊 Following Emma’s post, here are some more questions that were asked during our recent webinar, this time on Features and Functionality. Hopefully the answers can be useful for everyone here as well!

  • Q: Is it possible to select flowchart templates for the AI to generate flowcharts with?
    • A: You can currently leverage our AI to generate diagrams based on custom prompts, which can also include specific shape libraries.. Learn more about how our Collaborative AI works in this Help Center article.
  • Q: Is there a way to integrate a quiz at the end of a presentation?
    • A: Our Visual Activities feature is a perfect way to gather answers from collaborators at the end of a presentation! Read through the Visual Activity article to learn more. 
  • Q: Can Lucidspark/Lucidchart be used to create UI/UX diagrams and concept mockups?
    • A: Yes, we offer several shape libraries and templates for this! Check out our mockup generator for some inspiration and steps to take! 
  • Q: Is it possible to attach dates to the timeline view from a Jira or Smartsheet card?
    • A: Yes, the timeline feature works seamlessly with Lucid cards and makes it very easy to move cards around and plan work. 
  • Q: How can I document or map analytics visually?


We would love to hear your ideas on how you are able to leverage Lucid for any of these use cases!


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