Lucidchart user token API

  • 29 June 2023
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I'm managing an organization of less than 100 users in a non-Premium account. I was trying to use the API to ease onboarding and manage folders and group structures and stumbled upon a roadblock.

I created an App Integration with scopes: readonly+offline_access+account.user and was able to query the API successfully. For selective calls such as list-folder-user-collaborators: the API calls fail with a 403.

  code: 'userOperationOnly'
  message: 'Only users can perform this operation'
  requestId: '866a9e8bfe19e3c0'

I'm not sure how to get a user token and I have the following questions.
1. How do I get / generate a User Token? Are "team-admins" allowed to generate this token or is the "account-owner" the only one allowed to do so?

2. Is this accessible without a Premium Account?


Thank you.



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Hello Boris thank you for your question.

The process to retrieve a 'user' token is identical to an `account` token except it uses a different endpoint. This section will give you the detais:

Any user can get a `user` token but only admins can get an `account` token.

Ah! Missed that endpoint. Got it working using that other endpoint.