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  • 23 February 2024
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Currently we’re using SCIM to manage our user access and grant/remove licenses - this is working fine from our user management side for onboard/offboarding but has some caveats such as not being able to poll the license information directly, which has the potential to put us over our license count.

Are there any APIs available for querying specifically information about our licenses? Ideally an endpoint that we can use to retrieve what products we’re licensed for, how many licenses are issued and how many are available would be brilliant.





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Hi @Taffin , thanks for posting! We don’t currently have any APIs specifically for querying license information only. However, you could achieve part of this using the current SCIM API with GET all users. The response to this endpoint includes information about all users on your account, including their current license status in this part of the response: 


This response doesn’t include information about how many licenses have been purchased in total, but it would allow you to programmatically calculate the current number of licensed users- and if you know the amount of licenses purchased, you could just subtract from that to determine the number of available licenses.

If you haven’t already done so, you could also disable auto-upgrade for licenses and review which users have the required admin roles to purchase more licenses, thereby making sure that you stay informed about the current number of licenses purchased. 

Hope this helps!

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Hi Emma,

Thank you for your reply - unfortunately our requirement in this case is to programatically query how many licences we’ve purchased in total as part of our licence tracking solution so we’ll have to stick with manually filling out the information for now.

Is there any possible chance for this functionality to be added in the future? I did a search on the support site before posting and found a previous post or two asking for it so definitely seems like something that customers would use if they had the option.