How can i crawl your sitemap URL?

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Hey Team,

We have been trying to crawl the contents from Lucid sitemap URL - and Lucid server is giving us 403 all the time.

Below is the error logs. we are getting for all of requests
"Crawl failed with status 403 for url, root cause: Exception: crawl failed with status 403 for url"


What is the way to solve this? any userAgent we need to list for our crawler.
I need help on it!


I reached out your Support team and they are not ready to help at all!!!


Best answer by Richard U 8 June 2024, 04:36

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This is your sitemap URL -

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Thank you for contributing to the Lucid for Developers Community and for submitting your Support ticket that has been addressed by my colleagues. Lucid’s public APIs offer a wide range of capabilities - though this isn’t something we support.