Totaling Story Points in a Frame/Container in Lucidspark!

  • 11 April 2024
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Check out this following video for some tips on how to total up the Story Points (“Estimate” on generic Lucid cards) in a frame or container.




Note: you can customize what it shown to work with Jira or AzureDevOps, by adjusting the formula.


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I enjoyed this tutorial. Thank you for sharing @khaleesioflucidchart - it was easy to follow along. #FellowSwiftie

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This was great Thanks for sharing.

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Great tutorial! Thanks for sharing! :)

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This was such a clear tutorial. Thank you for sharing in such an easy to follow way.

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Awesome tutorial! This is definitely a place within our organization’s utilization of Lucid that would be great to expand on, for more project management type efforts to be made in the tool. 


Also, just dropping the link to the syntax reference, if others find this to be helpful when writing logic for a more dynamic flow in Lucid. 


(also here: