How Lucid is the perfect fit for Agile

  • 29 February 2024
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Today’s shifting and increasingly hybrid workforce presents a new set of challenges that can make it difficult to uphold Agile values. Our recent webinar, Sustaining the values of the Agile Manifesto in today’s workforce, demonstrated in-depth how Lucid is the perfect solution to address the need for communication, flexibility, and alignment. 

Here are the four main Agile Manifesto values and how Lucid can help you sustain them:

  1. Individual and interaction over process and tools 
    • Lucid products support communication and transparency, as our products support both real-time and asynchronous collaboration.
    • Features such as comments, Team Spaces, Visual Activities, and more, give team members a place to consistently come back to for connection and knowledge-sharing, giving everyone a voice.
  2. Working software over comprehensive documentation 
    • Lucid helps here with alignment and avoiding over-documentation because Lucid documents can become a living blueprint of your business.
  3. Customer collaboration over contract negotiation 
    • Lucid can support better communication and transparency with your customers. Invite customers as Guest Collaborators on your boards and easily capture and store their feedback.
    • Features like Visual Activities and voting can be used with customers, not just internally, and allow you to get a sense of what your customers want.
  4. Responding to change over following plan 
    • Lucid helps you with flexibility and transparency, as Lucid products are all about moving quickly 🏃 You can easily facilitate discussions around changes using voting, comments, Facilitator Tools, and more to quickly gather opinions and visualize outcomes and downstream effects of potential changes. 


Get started using Agile in Lucidspark with our templates.

What issues are you encountering with Agile in your organization? What’s working well?



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Hi @Addie !

Hope you're doing well.

As a Product Owner role at a real estate tech company in Brazil I've I've been using Lucidspark for Backlog Refinement and prioritization.

By Friday I expect to use the Sprint Review template to conduct this ceremony. 

One of the the issues that the board users are already facing are:

  • Difficulty in expanding Font size bigger than 96;
  • Difficulty selecting a specific icon and instead creating a Sticker Note;
  • Needing to zoom out even farther than 1%;

Anyway - thanks for sharing this template. ✌

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Hi @rafaalb07, we’re excited that you are using this template and thank you for this feedback!

Here is an idea that you and any other users can upvote to share your thoughts on our maximum font size:

Additionally, please feel free to share your other two pieces of feedback in our product feedback section of the community. We appreciate your thoughtful response and are always working to improve your experience!

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Hi! I’m Abby from Lucid, jumping in here to share about Lucid’s Agile Trusted User Group. This group is made up of passionate, experienced users who regularly use agile methodologies in their work. As part of this group, you’ll have the opportunity to connect directly with Lucid’s product team and share insights about your workflows, pain points, and needs, shaping the future of Lucid’s agile tools. 🎉 You can learn more and apply here

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Wow! Awesome @Abby S !

I've just applied for this group. This is just by me alley and something that is my day to day discussion.

Hope to get accepted 🤞

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This is huge! For our line of business, we align with Agile the best we can, and Lucid is a great proponent of being able to perform with agility while maintaining upmost productivity for all the requirements of our clients.