Creating Keyboard Shortcuts

Hi, does anyone know if there is a way to create keyboard shortcuts similar to Microsoft Word? I want to be able to toggle superscript for exponentials using a keybind (e.g. option + control + ])


Thanks, Alex


Edit: I have found an answer via related topics. Unfortunately, not at the moment.

Hi @AW20165 thanks for your post! It looks like you’ve already discovered this answer, but just to confirm - unfortunately, this isn’t currently supported in Lucid, but we’re very interested in your feedback and committed to continually improving our products. If you’re willing to share, we’d love to hear more details about your use case or what you’d like to see in this experience within this thread. I’ve also converted this post to an idea so that it’s visible to others within the Product Feedback section of the community - from here, they can upvote it and add details of their own.

Finally, for more information on how Lucid manages feedback via this community, take a look at this post:


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