📧 Opt in to receive a renewal receipt and invoice automatically by email 

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The information in this Community Post can be found in the Access Invoices: Opt in to invoice receipts article in our Lucid Help Center. To download a paid invoice right now, see this Community post: Downloading my paid Lucid Software invoice PDFs.

If you are the current Account Owner or Billing Admin, follow these steps to opt in to receive emails containing your invoice following a subscription renewal:

  1. Navigate to the Plans & Billing page.
  2. Click the three-dot menuOrDo81of6-M28xb2gat9f--ti3p1rCaPdPEDo_reJHKiGegIHOL5PuLoIRtFcYrCD5xrnVNxBovxEygymsIsLcvDOkidjo8BFdL0857NQ6q2nfuvsIDS_xh4nb6GfjoPUXxbXftPE2nUxqF2tIDPIWknext to “Billing history”.
  3. Select Edit invoice details.
  4. Under Notification Settings, under “Send email receipt to…” check the box next to “Account admin”.
  5. Click Save changes.


The confirmation email will be generated automatically at the time of payment. The invoice confirmation emails have the subject line: “Thank you for subscribing to Lucid” and are sent from one of the following email addresses: ar@lucidchart.com, ar@lucidspark.com, ar@lucidscale.com, or ar@lucid.co. They will also have a PDF copy of the paid invoice as a downloadable attachment.


If you have missed the latest invoice email from Lucid it is possible that the email was filtered by your email provider as spam or promotional. To avoid this happening again please add the email addresses listed above to the address book of your email provider as this will help it recognize that these emails are not spam or promotional.

➕ Adding additional email address(es) to receive renewal receipts and invoices by email

Lucid has created an option for Account Owners and Billing Admins to be able to add additional email addresses (besides the Account Owner and Billing Admin) to be CC’d and receive the invoices automatically when a subscription renews. Many customers appreciate this so they don’t have to go in and download their invoices every year or month when their subscription renews. The additional CC’d email address doesn’t need to be a user on the account so it won’t take up a license.

You will first need to opt in to receive invoices via email (see the section above this) and then you can add an additional email address.

  1. Follow all of the steps outlined above to opt in to receive invoice confirmation emails
  2. In the “Other email address…” field, enter the email address you would like to be CC'd on future renewal receipt emails.
  3. Click Save changes.


If you are on a large team or Enterprise plan looking to download an open or unpaid invoice, please see this Community Post: 🧾 Open and unpaid Enterprise invoices.

For additional assistance, you can always contact our billing support team by emailing support@lucid.co or by filling out this form to submit a ticket. We are always happy to assist you!

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