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How do I download my Lucid Software invoices? Customers can always download their paid invoices from the Plans & Billing section of their Account Settings. Our Help Center article outlining how to do this can be found here.

Only Account Owners and users with the Billing Admin role will be able to access the Plans & Billing section of the Account Settings to download invoices. If you do not have access to the Plans & Billing section of the Account Settings (if it’s missing from the menu on the left) it probably means your email address has not been granted the required permissions to access invoices for that account. You will need to contact the Account Owner if you would like to request additional permissions.


To download a PDF of a paid invoice, follow these steps:

  1. From the Account Settings, access the Plans & Billing page (on the left).
  2. Look for “Billing information” (to the right).
  3. Under this section, you will find your billing history.
  4. Click the three-dot menu OrDo81of6-M28xb2gat9f--ti3p1rCaPdPEDo_reJHKiGegIHOL5PuLoIRtFcYrCD5xrnVNxBovxEygymsIsLcvDOkidjo8BFdL0857NQ6q2nfuvsIDS_xh4nb6GfjoPUXxbXftPE2nUxqF2tIDPIWk next to the paid invoice you wish to download.
  5. Select Download invoice.

A PDF version of the invoice with the full details will then be downloaded onto your computer, wherever you have set your downloads to be saved.



Most invoices are created at the time of payment. Future, open, past-due, failed, or unpaid invoices are not available for download from the Account Settings. Likewise, invoices related to account credits are also not available for download. If you need an invoice showing a credit, please contact the billing support team using this form or by emailing support@lucid.co. For security purposes, please be prepared to verify the billing information for the account.


💡 If you’re tired of downloading your invoices manually every time, check out this Community Post: 📧 Opt in to receive a renewal receipt and invoice automatically by email about how to have them emailed to you (and other email address(es)) automatically each time your subscription renews!


If your account has qualified for invoice or manual billing and you are looking for an open or unpaid invoice, please see this Lucid Community post for more information: 🧾 Open and unpaid Enterprise invoices.

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