Jira option available in LucidSpark but not LucidChart

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Hello All,

I am new to this tool and have inherited an environment where users have expressed, they need to have the same Jira functionality in LucidChart as they do in LucidSpark. From their request it seems like they previously had the option, but it is no longer available.

In LucidSpark they have demonstrated that they click the icon in this screenshot and are able to add Jira items to their document. 


In LucidChart this same option is not available on their toolbar or found anywhere. Because of this they tried copying the jira item from an existing LucidSpark document into LucidChart. When doing so this error comes up:


I’ve checked the App Integrations for both LucidChart and LucidSpark. Interestingly I see the Jira Cloud app configured in Lucidchart but do not see any configured for LucidSpark. I am confused why Jira is missing from Chart when the app integration is enabled however it works in Spark when the integration is not configured there.


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Thank you for your post!

Lucid cards is a Lucidspark feature, which is why you do not see this feature in the tool bar within Lucidchart. However, you can still use Jira cards in Lucidchart by importing them into Lucidspark first and then switching to Lucidchart using universal canvas.

From the screenshot it appears you need to update Lucid cards for Jira Cloud. To do this, an admin of the account will need to follow the steps outlined in our Article -  For admins: Configure Lucid Cards for Jira. Start at 'Enable your Jira Cloud instance' and continue the steps below.

  • From the Lucid home page, select Admin.
  • Click App integration in the left-hand menu.
  • From the dropdown, select Lucidspark.
  • Locate the Lucid Cards for Jira Cloud tile and click Settings.
  • Select Add new instance.

We apologize for any confusion. Once all the steps in this article have been completed, please try again. If you continue to have issues after updating, please let me know and I am happy to further investigate.

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Thank you, 

I ran through the configuration of Lucid Cards, and it appears to be working as expected.

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Great to hear! I hope you have a wonderful day.