Make end-of-year test prep fun with our Jeopardy Lucidspark template!

  • 13 April 2024
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Incorporating games into test preparation not only engages your students but can also help to relieve testing anxiety. Jeopardy-style test prep games offer a flexible platform to explore various topics or take a deep dive into a specific subject.

Here’s how to utilize our Jeopardy Lucidspark template to fit your test prep needs!

  1. Click on this link to create a copy of the template.
  2. Determine your question categories to fit your test prep needs.
  3. Write in your questions and answers to the corresponding stickies. 
    • ✨ Try out our AI features to assist in writing questions! ✨F2uw51wRjPrsWQqV9snNPnHoEjOcaxqQ5IjSia59xAob1B-plgBS9HcSxHfczyEr6HbLAGjuVF5I8IZosfke40dz3eYsEJC4Ofj3V6pOodoHMo3QXtdZ5QpVYnAihfbT-YLE2mQe2gw2ETMsrHfrKhM
  4. Hide your questions and answers by selecting the container and selecting the “hide” icon.

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Now you are ready to host your very own classroom Jeopardy. Let us know what test prep activities you are using in your classroom! 


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I love this! Can’t wait to try it for my next training session! 

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I love how easy it is to hide and then reveal each of the category questions!  This will make this so easy to use with my students!  I can’t wait to try it out to review for end of the year testing!   

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Thank you for sharing this template!  Great idea to create the questions using AI.

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Oh wow, this is an awesome idea! I love Jeopardy, especially for end-of-year style review.

If you teach multiple sections of the same course, it could also be fun to have each block collaboratively build a Jeopardy game for the other block, ie: A block creates the game that you then have your C block play; and C block creates the game that you then have your A block play). 

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I love this! I helped my coworker who teaches ENL make a jeopardy board with a review of different basic words! The kids love it!


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@Shira M This is so cool! Thank you for sharing!