All Canvas Beta environments now have access to Lucid in the RCE

  • 29 May 2024
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Announcement Summary

Good News! The Lucid Education Suite is now available in all Canvas LMS instances hosted in the US at no additional cost. 


  1. Currently it’s enabled in a Canvas account’s Beta instance. One month from now, it will be moved out of Beta and released to all teachers and students on the account. 
  2.  Any Canvas account outside the US should contact their Customer Success Manager to opt-in. 
  3. Canvas administrators testing the Beta experience must authenticate and/or create their own account. They should not test the integration when masquerading as any other user.



In this article, we will quickly review what you will experience when you use the Lucid Education Suite for the first time directly from within Canvas. Then, we will highlight how to use Lucid to enhance student engagement, foster creativity, and devise creative assessments that leverage brain-based pedagogy. 


Initial Access

In the Rich Content Editor toolbar, users can access the Lucid Education Suite using the Lucid “L” icon. 



Upon initial setup, individuals will then be asked to 1) review their role. 

2) To comply with federally mandated COPPA guidance (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act), educators will be asked if their classroom includes students younger than 13. Students will be asked to enter their date of birth to ensure they are 13 years of age or older. Note: Students younger than 13 will receive a message directing them to contact their teacher for Lucid access. 


Once reviewed, click the “Next” button. 


If the instructor has students under 13 years of age, they will be asked to enter their email in the email field, allowing Lucid to contact their institution and request COPPA consent.


After confirmation that users are over the age of 13, users will receive the following message inviting them to connect to the Lucid Education Suite.


Users can then Log in with existing Lucid credentials [1] or Sign up for a new account [2].


Users who selected “sign up” should then choose “continue” to finish creating an account. 


Users who selected “log in” should then choose “Connect to Lucid” to link the identified Lucid account to their Canvas account, or “Switch account” to link a different, existing Lucid account. 


Next, click the hyperlink to connect. 


After reviewing the request for access, click the Grant Access button.


Embedding Lucid Documents

Once access is granted, the Lucid homepage will open as a pop-up module inside of Canvas. Users can use either Lucidchart, intelligent diagramming, or Lucidspark, digital whiteboard. Users who linked their existing Lucid accounts will see their Lucid documents populated here as well. 

Anywhere the RCE lives, users can now access and embed new blank Lucidspark and Lucidchart documents, any templates found in Lucid’s template gallery, as well as all of their previously created Lucid documents in the RCE.

This includes Assignments, Discussions, Pages, Modules, and Quizzes. 


After instructors select a Lucid document to embed, they will set the access permissions and then click “Insert”  

  • Edit-  gives students full collaborative edit access to add items and make changes
  • Comment only- allows students to add comments, but removes the editing toolbar
  • View only- students can only view the content embedded on the Canvas page

→ Keep in mind, that in the Beta experience, anytime you embed a Lucid document using the RCE, these permission settings are enabled for the entire class. For example, if you give edit permissions, everyone will see all of the edits that other students are adding to the Lucid document.  This type of activity is especially helpful for supporting class discussions.  


Once inserted, click the “save and publish” button. Now, users can view and edit the Lucid document directly in Canvas!



Coming soon: adding Lucid as a submission type for a Canvas assignment.  This will push a Lucid template out to each of your students to complete and turn in for you to grade in SpeedGrader. Follow this post to stay up to date on the newest feature releases to the Lucid integration with Canvas while in Beta.  



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I’m not seeing this on my page yet. I can do some things with the ‘plugin’ tool button, but I don’t see a Lucid tool yet.  Is this something that needs to be turned on through our county?  

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@Kathy R This is still in Beta, so it’s only in the Beta instance of your Canvas account.  Usually only Canvas administrators and leads have access to this account.  Once it goes live then you should see it in your district’s normal Canvas instance.