Our best tips to facilitate meeting equity⚖️

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If you continually hear from the same people every meeting, you could probably use a quick refresher on meeting equity.

Meeting equity involves fostering an environment where every individual has a similar opportunity to express their ideas and ask questions, regardless of their background or position---and it's vital to maximize innovation and employee engagement in your org.

Our meeting equity guide for facilitators gives you all our best tips to promote meeting equity on your team, like:

- Set clear objectives and agendas: This helps focus the conversation and give introspective collaborators a chance to collect their thoughts first.
- Use inclusive tools and techniques: Break large groups into smaller ones before bringing everyone into the discussion for a less intimidating warm-up.
- Establish team agreements: Document shared agreements for respectful communication to create a safe and supportive environment.

Dive deeper into all of these and more in our free guide!

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