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How to create shortcuts in lucid? If someone share with me a lucidchart file I want to create my own folder and add the chart as shortcut into my folder. I found this answer:  "You can create a shortcut to a document that has been shared with you by dragging it into “My Documents” or a folder you have created in your Lucid Homepage. Shortcuts are indicated by  an arrow icon that will appear on the product-specific icon found to the left of the document title."  but It doesn't working it doesn't create shortcuts


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Hi Monika thanks for commenting in our Community! There is not a way to move the shared document into your "My Documents" section. You could Duplicate the document which would make a copy of the shared document which would make you the owner of the new document.There is a shortcut to Duplicate a document by selecting File > Duplicate or pressing the shortcut keys listed below. 

Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions. 

Hi! Thank you for quick response! So I can't create a shortcut of file which somebody share with me? I don't want to move file I want to create a shortcut to the original file.

So for example somebody shared with me lucid chart and I want to make a shortcut of this document in my document folder but I don't want to make a duplicate I want to have a shortcut directly to the original file.

Because if I duplicate a file which somebody shared with me I will create a new file so when the author of the original file will make some changes I will not able to see it. 

and in general how we can create a shortcuts to files? could you describe it step by step? 

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Hi Monika thanks for the clarification! Unfortunately a document shortcut like this is not currently supported in Lucidchart. However we're always looking for ways to improve Lucidchart and this would be a great feature. Would you mind adding your idea to our product feedback section? Ideas submitted there are passed on to the product development team for their consideration.

When the document is shared with you it will remain in your "Shared with Me" folder and you will not be able to move it to "My Documents" since you are not the creator. You have the option to star the document (click the star icon on the top right hand side of the document preview).QjBPH4u0heniYuoGE1yPdw.png

All starred documents will then be filed under "Starred Items". 


I hope this will help as a workaround. Let me know if you have any other questions! 

Of course I'll add an idea.

I have a question regarding your idea. When I "stared" document (which is in "shared with me" folder) I will have link to original file? and when the author makes some changes will I be able to see it? 

If a document shortcuts is not currently supported in Lucidchart what does the arrow symbol next to the file mean? 


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Hi Monika thanks for your response. Yes when you star the document it will link to the original file. When any changes are made to the document all shared users will see the changes. 

The arrow is created when a user drags a document from “Shared with Me” to “My Documents”. It will create a shortcut and that is what the arrow refers to. Since the document can’t be moved fully (since they don’t own the document) it creates this "shortcut". 

Ok but I asked about this solution. That I create a folder in "My documents" and there I keep a shortcuts of files which somebody share with me. 

so now I'm a little bit confused. Can I create shortcuts or not? 

"Unfortunately a document shortcut like this is not currently supported in Lucidchart. " What do you mean here?

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Hi Monika I apologize for the confusion. Yes it does create a shortcut. I misunderstood where you wanted to keep your documents. It appears the shortcut is working as expected when you are creating the shortcut. If you have any other questions please reach out! Sorry for the confusion!  

Can you show me how to create this kind of shortcuts step by step? when I follow instruction and try to drag file it doesn't work. When I open "shared with me" folder and I start dragging specific file from them I can't see "my documents" folder contents so I don't have space to drag a doc.

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Hi Monika it looks like you're on the right track! Select the document that you would like to move from the "Shared with Me" section and drag it over to your Documents. You can release when the "Move 1 item" is hovering over the Documents icon. Refresh your browser and the document short cut should now be found in "My Documents". Here is a gif to walk you through the steps. Let me know if you experience any problems.


Hi, I have been using the method in your reply above but it is not working today.  Has something changed do you know?

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Hi @bluemeow

Thank you for the reply! Their is currently a bug in our system preventing this shortcut. It has has been reported to our Development Team. I apologize for any disruption this may cause, and I will update this thread with any new information about a fix. Please follow along on this thread for updates, and post any additional questions or concerns below.


Thanks for your reply, I’m so glad it is a bug, it has been driving me mad all afternoon!  I look forward to being able to use the feature again soon….