Refund of mistake in annual plan

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When attempting to edit my document, I was prompted to upgrade. I believed I would receive a 7-day free trial, but I don’t know why it cost 96 pounds. As a student, this cost is prohibitively expensive for me, and the purchase was made accidentally and I do not need it. I kindly request your assistance in processing a refund, as I did not intend to make this purchase.


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Hey there, since this deals with your subscription, I am directing this to our billing team to get you taken care of. The team works through tickets in the order they are received, and you can expect a quick response to your email associated with your Lucid account. Please refer to that email for further correspondence.

This community is dedicated to supporting your work in Lucidchart, Lucidspark, and Lucidscale. For additional subscription or invoice help, please review these billing resources, and for questions about charges on your account, refunds, or changing your subscription, please fill out this form to reach the billing department. Doing otherwise will delay your response time.

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hi there

when i have filled out all the information on the form,it seems that it can not be submitted,could you please advise on how to do it next? thanks

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how long i can get a reply from the billing department?thanks