Problem Granting Access to AuditBoard Oauth Integration

  • 14 June 2024
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Hi there, 

We’ve hit a bit of a wall where we have a user that’s trying to use the AuditBoard integration to insert a LucidChart diagram. 

We reached out to AuditBoard initially who said that they were able to impersonate our user in question in AuditBoard’s “test” environment with everything working properly, which lead us back to LucidChart. 
We’ve verified that everything is enabled properly on the AuditBoard side. 

Every time that the user tries to insert a LucidChart diagram in AuditBoard, it opens a popup to “Grant Access” to LucidChart, but if we click the “Grant Access” button, it just redirects to a white page. 
We’ve cleared cache/cookies, tried different browsers, and verified that user is already logged into LucidChart when we click the “Grant Access” button. 

We’re using an Enterprise account and this worked fine about a year ago.
Are there any permissions or updates required on the admin side that would be preventing access to LucidChart through AuditBoard? 

Any time we click the “Connect” integration in the marketplace for AuditBoard, it takes us to the same help page, whether an admin or user does so:
The help page itself is somewhat confusing because it says that “a Lucidchart admin needs to set up a Group in Lucidchart for any users in your Lucidchart account who want to insert diagrams into AuditBoard narratives.”
It then doesn’t explain why a group’s necessary, or what to do with said group. 

Does anyone have any suggestions regarding this?


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Hi @Bobbo , thank you for contributing to the Lucid Community! I appreciate your patience as we address this issue. I have reported your case to our Development team and apologize for any inconvenience caused. Currently, due to an error with Lucid's OAuth1 service, the AuditBoard integration is experiencing downtime. We are actively working to resolve this issue, and I will update you in this thread once it is fixed.

Thank you for your understanding.

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Hi @Bobbo, good news! I have heard back from our development team, and it sounds this issue should now be resolved. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused. Please let me know if you continue to experience issues or have further questions.